Streamline your HR & People Ops processes

Deliver unforgettable employee experiences (like onboarding, offboarding and more!)

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Automate Tasks

  • Emails that send themselves
  • Calendar invites booked for you
  • Reminders that just happen

Coordinate Teams

  • No lost or late tasks
  • Everyone knows what to do
  • Track status on everything

Engage Employees

  • Experiences tailored to their role
  • Everything they need in one spot
  • Enjoyable content to interact with


"Using Aboard has made a noticeable difference in the onboarding experience for our new hires... I particularly like the Slack integration!"

—Renee R.
Employee Experience Manager at Notch

"Our team was lost in a sea of spreadsheets... We needed a more efficient way to track our to-dos and collaborate easily with IT and managers in an easy-to-view dashboard."

— Sheena V.
People Operations Manager at Zipari



Ensure your people & productivity tools talk. Aboard integrates with key messaging platforms, HRIS, and content sources to deliver seamless and connected employee experiences.

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Automated Tasks

We wanna save you as much time from doing the mundane tasks, so you can focus on your people.

Tasks we automate and deliver:
  • Checklists
  • Emails
  • Events

Track Progress

You're busy, but you wanna know what's going on. We deliver updates & reports without you having to think about it. See someone falling behind? Nudge them to action!

What you'll get:
  • Weekly Usage Reports
  • Dashboard
  • One-click "Nudges"

Start building better employee experiences