Aboard & BambooHR: Let's sync all that data

Aboard + BambooHR, together at last. There hasn't been a match up this powerful since Justin Bieber sung in Spanish.

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October 4, 2021

You read that right, Aboard is getting another integration. We're super excited to be able to offer a new hook up with BambooHR!

BambooHR is the Human Resource Information System (HRIS) of choice for a large number of our audience & customers. We at Aboard are super excited to start building both a product connection, as well as the opportunity for a deeper partnership, with BambooHR.

While BambooHR onboarding exists as a function of the platform today, our goal with this integration is to provide a more engaging and focused onboarding experience for new employees in Aboard. Here are a few key reasons we are excited for Aboard and BambooHR to be integrated and what you can expect:

Data Consistency

BambooHR offers a wealth of employee information & data points to be captured and kept up to date. Employees themselves are able to log in and make edits to their own personal and professional information right in BambooHR.

We are able to leverage this information in Aboard to quickly and seamlessly deliver a tailored and enjoyable onboarding experience. The need to not maintain data in different systems (e.g. Aboard and BambooHR) means less headache and more time savings for lean HR teams or People leaders.

Today, the integration between the 2 platforms allows you to quickly sync necessary employee data from BambooHR to Aboard. You can then trigger & run your employee journey directly in Aboard.

Better Onboarding

As we mentioned Bamboo onboarding exists today as a function of their platform. We won't knock onboarding in Bamboo's offering, it works for those who like it! What we can say about Bamboo onboarding is more around focus.

At Aboard we are focused at creating an easy and fast way to setup and engage your new employees. Our entire product and organization is built around this goal.

In our perspective, BambooHR is focused on providing a wonderful all-in-one platform for employee data and addressing specific functional HR areas (e.g. vacation tracking, payroll, etc.).

When put everything together, you get a dynamic duo of Aboard's onboarding & ongoing engagement offering stacking on top of BambooHR's fundamentals.


We will continue to explore how closely BambooHR and Aboard can work for even more automation. While the focus today is on data consistency between the 2 platforms, there are a lot of exciting things we can do together.

One area we are looking forward to exploring is how to more instantaneously trigger employee journeys directly from BambooHR. An example of this is if an individual is hired as an Account Executive ("AE"), their journey is automatically built using the relevant programs in Aboard, such as general company onboarding, sales team onboarding, and then account executive onboarding. The moment that new AE is added to BambooHR, their Aboard employee journey will also kick off.

Exciting stuff right? When it comes to pairing up 2 powerful platforms, the sky is the limit.

How do I get started?

Still looking for more details about how BambooHR and Aboard work together? Check out the integrations page on our website or feel free to book some time to see things in action.

If you are an existing Aboard user, you can integrate* your BambooHR instance in a few clicks right from the Settings screen on your Aboard instance (*permissions required).

Ready to start? Want to chat? 👇