Aboard & Slack: A match made in remote heaven

Aboard is now integrated into Slack. Together, Aboard & Slack make delivering amazing onboarding & employee engagement easy.

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July 24, 2023
Best friends... forever?

You read that right, Aboard is integrated into Slack! The recent addition to Salesforce's empire can now play an integral role in delivering amazing employee onboarding and experiences. Slack, the popular workplace communication platform, boasted 12M users in 2019 and 750k active organizations in 2020 (source: BusinessofApps). From our perspective, this is just a drop in the bucket for the opportunity for Slack to continue evolving into a remote workforce platform where more and more is done within the 4 corners of your messenger window.

What does it mean for Aboard to work with Slack? We'll break down a few of the points which drove our decision to integrate.

It's the messenger platform for SMB

Given the ability to start for free, small-to-medium sized businesses easily stand up their Slack workspace and start communicating with their team. This has lead to Slack's ability to spread quickly and work with teams of all sizes and ages. Aboard shares this intention of enabling teams of of all sizes, specifically being able to join early and grow together. Today, Aboard works with early stage companies and teams that do not have a gigantic HR department (or even an HR department at all). Going forward, Aboard strives to become an integral part of the "startup/scaleup toolbelt", similar to the position Slack has built over the last 7 years of hard work.

It's where "work happens"

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Slack, as any company, has continued to evolve and tailor their positioning. Today Slack is the self-described "virtual HQ", where "teams [connect] in a work-from-anywhere world."

Slack wants you to see it as "your virtual HQ"!

We cannot speak to exactly how every other team perceives this messaging, but to us it rings true. As a clear "one-better" communication medium over email, Slack does indeed enable work to happen. This can be discussing a customer issue, a project deliverable, a coding error, or even the less pressing things like weather, weekend plans, and fun news items. Heck, at Aboard it serves as a decent place for entertainment:

We've got some pretty witty folks at Aboard

Aboard's mission is to help people find direction and connection at work. With a lot of remote workers seeking direction or to connect with others on Slack, it is a natural fit for Aboard to be there as well.

It's for everyone

Lastly, Slack, like Aboard, is built to enable entire teams. Slack was not built to only enable the sales or marketing team to communicate better. It's "network effects" means it only becomes more valuable to an organization when everyone is reachable through it.

Aboard is technology for people, not just human resources. It is true that the HR department, in it's many forms and monikers, has historically been tasked with designing and delivering new employee onboarding and ongoing engagement. With the shifting face of work, new ways to look at the entire employee journey necessitates bringing in more people to take care of specific items or interactions. Aboard also benefits from having more users, who can be involved in each and every employee's journey starting from their first day.

Once again, Slack and Aboard working together, as part of any company's toolbelt, means entire teams reap the benefits of their combined usage.

Where can I learn more?

Still looking for more details about how Slack and Aboard work together? Check out our integrations page or feel free to book some time to see things in action.

If you are an existing Aboard user, you can integrate* your Slack Workspace in a few clicks right from the Settings screen on your Aboard instance (*permissions required):

See how easy it is to connect Slack, what are you waiting for!

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