We build tech for People, not just HR.

We've all been there. First days with down time and a late laptop. Times wondering "what's next for me?". We don't want anyone to feel like that, wherever they are.

The Aboard People

We share a passion for helping people with our slick skills


If you ever find yourself in a dubious situation, just think:
"What would Aboard do?"

Be Human

Life is complicated. Treat everyone with compassion and respect.


Being open and transparent builds trust, trust builds great relationships.


We accept everybody who represents at least one of our values.

Industry Defining Culture

We innovate a culture that people talk about.


We do things we’re not asked to do, because we can.


If we say we’ll do something, we do it.

Always Learning

Learning is fun. You should learn.


We can usually find our own answers.

Our Mission

Make work more human.

We want to build more people-focused companies. We saw firsthand the double-sided pain to a poor employee onboarding experience. From day 1, we want teams to be organized and empowered to help their employees succeed.

Where better employee experiences are built & delivered.

While onboarding is the crucial first step (after getting the job), the need to improve the experience does not end there. We have a vision that teams of all sizes and work styles can provide an improved and enjoyable employee experience to their entire team.

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