Google Workspace

Leverage your Google Workspace to easily log into Aboard and share content stored on your team Drive.

Connect Aboard with 

Google Workspace

What can this integration do?

If your company is using Google Workspace (previously G Suite), you benefit from single sign on as well as the ability to easily use your existing Google Drive content with Aboard. Using Auth0, your entire team will be able to login with their existing Google work credentials (i.e. "Login with Google").

You may keep key company data stored in your Google Drive, such as presentations, videos, case studies, etc. If you'd like to present this to your new employees during their onboarding or tenure, it's as easy as copying the link of the document into the Aboard platform.

How do I integrate this with Aboard?

Integrating Google Workspace requires very little work:

  • For logging in, simply select "Log in with Google" when prompted and select your work email (to note: you will need to have been added to the platform previously).
  • For adding content, copy & paste the URL for each piece of content stored on your Google Drive into the appropriate Task in your Aboard instance. Make sure the intended audience can access the file!

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